Harland Williams - Finding Germany on a Map

Harland Williams Season 1, Ep 7 04/21/1998 Views: 2,917

It shouldn't be a problem that most Americans can't find Germany on the map. (1:01)

students here tonight, but I'm

a little bit upset about

something I saw on the news

this week.

The president was on TV,

said there's an education

problem here in America,

went on to say that 60% of all

Americans cannot find Germany

on a map of the world--60%.

And I say to the president,

I say, "Hey, listen here,

Mr. Carter.

So what if 60% don't know where

Germany is?

What about the other 85% that do

know where it is, huh?"

Why the hell should we care

about those Germans after what

they did to us back in Pearl

Harbor there in '73, those

little leather-short-wearin',






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