Neal Brennan - Racial Sketch

Neal Brennan Season 1, Ep 4 05/18/2012 Views: 13,193

Ever since "Chappelle's Show," Neal Brennan sees everything in terms of race. (2:09)

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So, Obama. Black dude, ofcourse.

And I've workedwith black dudes before

on Chappelle's Show of course,which I was the...

If you're just tuning...(cheering and applause)

The reason all these people areapplauding is 'cause I, uh...

I co-created the Chappelle show,and, uh...

and it kind of scrambledmy brain,

'cause now think of everythingin racial terms.

And, uh... and I still thinkof, like, racial sketches,

'cause we used to dothe best racial sketches

on Chappelle's Show.

We did, like, blindwhite supremacists.

We did the bloopers from Roots.

(cheering and applause)

And I...

And I-I still think of thesecrazy-ass racial sketches,

and I got nowhereto go with them,

but I thought of one recently

that I'll pitch to you guysif you want to hear it.


All right?

(applause, cheering,and whooping)

All right, but don't be babies,all right?

(audience groaningand murmuring)

'Cause... 'cause this is racial.

All right.


I wish we could have donea sketch

about how scaredwhite people must have been

on the last day of slavery.

(laughter and groaning)

'Cause it was a real day.


It was January 30, 1865.

It's, like, what didwhite people do that day?

Like, "Could I see all theslaves in the front, please?"


"Oh, Jesus."


"Well, we had a heckof a run, didn't we?"


"I just want to say,you guys did a fantastic job...

"with the chores...

"these last 250 years.

"You'll be free tomorrow.

"Please don't murder us.


"Violence doesn'tsolve anything."

"Oh, really? What about allthe times you were whipping us?"

"Touché, Toby."


"Touché. Now, if you guyswouldn't mind clearing out

"your stuff,the Mexicans should be here

any minute to replace you."

All right, thanks, you guys,very much.