Uncensored - Katt Williams - Being Hard

Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1 Season 1, Ep 1 09/21/2008 Views: 75,079

Be hard, yes. But how the hell do you get angry at breakfast? (2:23)

- I'm just sayin' life is short.

To my niggas, I know you gotta be hard.

A black man in America, you gotta a hard motherfucker.

But we all know niggas that's hard

all the motherfuckin' time.

You can't forget toenjoy your goddamn life.

We all know niggas that's hard

at seven o'clock in themotherfuckin' morning.

You like, "nigga, wait a minute, nigga.

"You angry at breakfast, nigga?

You gangbangin' on bacon, nigga, listen."

I know bitches say that make it real cool to be shot.

Let me just say that I been shot before.

Ain't shit cool about it.

When I got shot, ain't no bitches come out,

ain't no music playing, nothin.

The fucked up part when I got shot,

I wasn't even inthe altercation.

I'm outside the club watchin' some other niggas,

"Look at these crazy niggas.

"Oh, shit, that nigga gotta gun,

"nigga, this getting good."


Wait a minute, Jesus!

Pimp down!

Pimp 32, bitch, get in the trunk.

(audience cheers)

This is bullshit, I donegot blood in my perm,

nigga I'm fixin' to black out.

All I'm sayin' you gotta enjoy your motherfuckin' life.

That's all the fuck I'm sayin',enjoy your goddamn life.

Life is fuckin' short, enjoy that shit.

Some of y'all justneed to smoke some weed

and see if it don't help the quality

of your motherfuckin' life.

I know, I see some of y'all.

Look, I understand, if you ain't smokin' weed

because you got a good job,

then by all means make your paper, booboo.

But if you ain't got no job, and you not smokin' weed,

I don't know what the fuck you are doing

with your life, I really don't.

I really don't.

Don't give me that shitabout "it's a drug."

It ain't no motherfuckin' drug.

I did done the research.

It's just a plant.

It just grow like that.

And if you should happento set it on fire...

(audience cheers)

There are some effects.

But that's not the same as drugs.

Drugs you got to doshit to it, chemically.

You gotta add bakingsoda, water, stir it up.

I don't know therecipe, I'm just sayin'.

It's some shit you gotta do to it.

But why the fuck is it legal, I don't know.

Aspirin is perfectly legal,

but if you take 13 of them motherfuckers,

it'll be your last headache.

(audience laughs)

Long as you been living,

you ain't never heard of a motherfucker

overdose on marijuana.

You might have thought that nigger was dead,

he ain't dead.

He gonna wake up in 30 minutes hungry enough

to eat up everything in your house.

That's the side effects:hungry, happy, sleepy.

That's it.