Relationship Coupons

TripTank 2025 Season 2, Ep 14 07/11/2016 Views: 1,725

When a man loses relationship coupons his wife gave him in an underground poker game, his opponents cash in. (1:58)

- All-in.

- [chuckles]

- [chuckles]Is good.

- Mmm, mmm, mmm.

- Look at them shine.


- And, uh, good luckto you, sir.


- "Sweetie Poo"?

- Oh, well, well...- Ha ha.

- We've come to collect.

- Phil, did you lose thoserelationship coupons I gave you

in an undergroundfive-card stud tournament?

- [laughs nervously]

You lookso pretty today, honey.

- A deal's a deal.

- Eh, you know what?Why not?

- What the helldid you do to that?

This shit is awesome!

- I thought it'd havea smoother finish

if I cut the starter fluidwith a little tile cleaner.

- Way to go, Mrs. G!

You're one hellof a meth cook.

- Oh, please.

- Ah, is good.

[both grunt]

- Ooh, maybe we shouldtorch his car too.

- I like your style, Mrs. G.

- Well, just thinking ahead.

- Oy, men are shit.- Mm-hmm.

- Last monththis Dutch Army Captain and I

spent a whole Tuesday

in a little safe houseoutside Muscat.

- Ooh.- It meant something to me.


Time to go to work, boys!

Covering fire, Mrs. G!- Here comes Millie!

Mrs. G is in the house!

[gunfire and explosions]

- [laughs]

Honey!- Thanks, guys.

- So I guess you probably wantme to sleep on the couch, huh?

- Actually, you're gonna handlethis last one.

- What's this?

[sultry funk music]

Hey, babe,looking for a date.

- Mmm, mmm, mmm.

- Hey, I cannot pick up johnsif you're gonna be torpedoing me

every five minutesout here, all right?

I'm doing my best.

This is all I got!