Uncensored - Hannibal Buress - Bachelor Party Parade Pt. 2

Hannibal Buress: Live From Chicago Season 1, Ep 1 03/29/2014 Views: 18,003

If Hannibal Buress lived in New Orleans, all he would do is drink, gamble and throw parades for himself. (0:59)

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and we just startwalking around.

That's all you dois walk around.

Band behind you,police in front of you,

it's the best wayto walk around.

I've been walking aroundsince 1983,

and this is most funI had doing it, by far.

Of course, we got to get drinks,so I stop at a bar.

Hey! Give us five Jamesonginger ales to go.

Fuck this place.

We got a goddamn paradehappening outside.

Not hanging out in here.

Do you see the energyout there, sir?

Then when we get outsidewith the drinks,

one of the cops says,"Man, why'd you get drinks?

"You should have just bought

a whole bottle of liquorbeforehand."

A policeman said that!

That's a direct quote

from a uniformed New Orleanspolice officer.

I'm so glad I don't live there,'cause if I did, all I'd do

was drink, gamble, and throwparades for myself all the time.

Is that him again?

Yeah.6:30 on Monday.

That's Hannibal timeright there.

I don't know why he does iton Monday.

That seems like a weekend thing,and he does it so early.

That's weird.