Deal Breakers and Blind Dating

Blind Date Champion Season 1, Ep 16 07/12/2016 Views: 3,870

Nikki puts together a focus group to offer feedback on her friend Dave's style of blind dating. (3:20)

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- How is dating going for you?

- I know the older I get, the less weird arranged marriages

seem to me, I'm like, that seems like a huge relief.

- Well, I wanted to notonly help you get better

with your dating game,but I think that we all

need to improve.

- Yeah. - [Blonde] Dating.

So I thought, what better way

than to bring in a focus group?

- Absolutely.

- To watch your three dates.

How do you feel about that?

Here they come.

This is the nightmare.

(nervous laughing)

- I am so sorry.

- You better be.

- I am.


Hi guys!

- [Crowd] Hello.

- This is Dave.


So, what are your first impressions?

- I'm going to say sad.

- Geek.

- He lives with his mother.

- Yeah.

- Oh, shit.

I don't want to hear this.

- Great, let's go on a date with Dave.

(playful music)

- [Dave] Hello!- Hi.

Jackie. - [Dave] I'm Dave.

- Dave, nice to meet you, I'll give you a hug, let's go in

for the hug, yeah.

- So,


- Are you so nervous right now?

How nervous are you?

- You're like attractive, so yeah.

- Oh, thank you, thank you.

- Are you Jewish?

- Yeah.

- I can ask that right?

That's an okay question?

- The way he's smiling all the time,

it comes out like, kind of awkward.

- Like, what's one thing that you,

that like no oneknows about you?

- Why would I tell you?


I've dated some Jewish girls, I always say,



I've dated other Jewishgirls, they were fun.

- I usually hear that we're boring.

- No, I thought--

- We talk too much.

- Ah, I feel that--

- Guilt trips.

- No, they seem to be more--

- Overbearing.

- Nurturing, but okay.

- Nurturing, okay.

- Or those other things that you said that were scary.

(nervous laughter)

- This is so painful.

- [Dave] Holy shit. - [Woman] Holy crap.

- Oh, more.

It's got bacon on this.

Uh oh, shit.

(nervous laughter)

Do you have like a special diet or anything?

- No. - [Dave] Alright.

- What's your favorite kind of cheese?

- String cheese.


- I'm asking all the questions,I just want to let you know

I'm being a very attentive person.

- Should I ask more questions.

- Yes.

- [Dave] I should? - [Woman] Ask a question,


- Are you into like, hiking and shit?


Well alright, I think the date's over I guess, I don't--

- Oh it's over?

- I think so, I think, that's not the way you would end a

date in real life but.

- Oh.

- He's just not a closer.

- Hey.

Nacho Libre.


So how are you?

- Well I almost left.

- Will you change anything you do on a date

based on the stuff that they've said?

- I don't think so.

- So we're all done here, just real quick,

this is a two sided mirror, and Dave has been watching

this whole thing, and Ijust wanted to ask him

to come in and just say a couple words before he leaves.


(nervous laughter)

- Oh man, it's so nice to be in front of you all.

That guy back there, you know,

that guy probably slays a lot of pussy.

Calling me not a closer?

Come on, Jesus Christ.

- Did you learn anything?

- Yeah, not to be part of focus groups.