Taylor Williamson - Racist Grandma

Season 4, Ep 0405 11/13/2009 Views: 12,608

Taylor's grandmother says she won't come to his wedding if he marries a black woman. Luckily, she'll probably already be dead by then. (2:22)

(sparse chuckles)

Thank you. Thank you.

She told me, "Taylor,if you ever marry a black woman,

I will not cometo your wedding."

I said, "Grandma...

"by the time I get married,

I don't think you're goingto be alive anymore."

My grandmadoesn't like that joke.

She says it's too dark for her.

You ever hear thisfrom your family?

"Spend time withyour grandparents.

"Find out where you came from.

They're not goingto be around forever."

You ever hear this nonsense?

Well, I did this and I found outthings I did not want to know.

I found out my grandma's parentswere first cousins.


Family time!

I wonderwhat their wedding was like.

Was everyone sittingon one side of the aisle?

"So, where'd you guys meet?"

"Grandma's house."

"Well, that's weird."

It's weird.

Comedians are oftentimes asked,

"Who's the funniest personin your family?"

And then comicstry to act modest

by responding with things like,

"Oh, my brother'sthe funniest guy I know."

"My father. That's whereI get my sense of humor."

I want someone to ask me,

"Taylor, who's the funniestperson in your family?"

I'll be like, "Me."

I'm a comedian.

I have a business cardthat says I'm funny.

What a stupid question to ask.Like, you never hear,

"Oprah, who is the best talkshow host in your family?"

Or, "Michael Douglas, who isthe best actor in your family?"

Bad example.