It's Called Faux Chella

Faux Chella Season 7, Ep 5 02/08/2017 Views: 1,837

While listening to Karl's band at a bar, the guys tell three women that they're hosting their own music festival that weekend. (2:20)

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all: ♪ Hello, hello,hello, hello ♪

♪ We're goingto the circus ♪

- ♪ And going to the circusand play with ♪

♪ All the little animals

♪ And the big animals

- Yeah! It's over?Okay.

That's really great.Rock on.

- ♪ Yeah

- Thank you!- You freaking rock!

- Yeah!- We're gonna go ahead

and take a real quicksmoke break.

both: Whoo!- They suck.

- Man, they're bad.- They're really, really bad.

- It's crazy.- Just, like...

off tempo timing.- It's not even music.

- It's like,where are they going?

I don't even knowhow they got stage time.

- Yeah, it's probably 'causeit's Coachella this weekend,

so, like, no one's here.- It's so much money.

- It's so corporate, you know?- So expensive.

- Instead of, um--

Instead of Coachella,it should be called

Whole Paycheckella.


- Do you guys wannago to the bathroom?

- Hey, actually, um,there's a music festival

this weekend at our house.

We're--that we're throwing.

And it's called Faux Chella.

- Oh yeah, oh, yeah.That festival.

Faux Chella 'cause there's"fo" stages.

- No, no. Well, sure.- Right?

And there's a huge band, uh,that is gonna play.

And that band is...

Third Eye Blind.

- Seriously?- Oh.

She's obsessed.- Wait, are you guys serious?

Third Eye Blind is gonna beat your music festival?

- Uh-huh.- Yeah.

- Here, here, type your infoin my phone and we will

totally roll through.- I'd love to. I'd love to.

- Yeah, yeah.- Okay.

- Totally.- This is where I come in.

I'm gonna bare my soulon stage and...and Riverdance.

Actually, I'll show you guysa little sample if you'd like.

- Yeah.- Absolutely.

Hey, Fade fellas can I geta little Irish jig, please.

[Irish jig music]

- Wedgie!- Whoa!

- Pull it down, please, Ders!- That's--now it's funny.

- Oh, my gosh.- Oh, yeah?


- Oh, no!- Don't look! Don't look.

- Just doing whatyou asked, pal.

- Oh, this next songgoes out to Blake Henderson.

- ♪ How many times a daydo you wish ♪

♪ That you had a bigger dick?

- Seven.

- Seven.♪ One, two, three

♪ Four, five, six all: ♪ And seven