Behind the Scenes - Roast Battle II - Meet Matthew Broussard and Alex Hooper - Uncensored

Roast Battle II: Night Three - Uncensored Season 2, Ep 7 01/28/2017 Views: 1,512

Alex Hooper and Matthew Broussard talk about their fears and roasting strategies before their brutal battle. (0:53)

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My game is to still be the mostentertaining person on the

stage, to steal focus and tojust out perform.

A good roast often times is thecontrast of the people you see

on stage.

-The audience usually kind ofgoes with my theatrics and my


-This is what happens when youswipe all the way to the end of


I'm honestly less nervous aboutbeing up in front of that crowd

on TV. I'm more nervouse aboutthe judges.

-You know Mathew, I didn't wantyou to be as good as you are I

feel like you've beengenetically blessed.

Alex, you're a good friend,you're an incredible roaster,

and I really hope you losetonight.

Mathew, you're beautiful, you'reintelligent, you're clever,

you're witty, you're gregarious,and I can't wait to watch you

bleed out all over the stage.