Dan Soder - A Week with Grandma

Dan Soder: Not Special Season 1, Ep 1 05/21/2016 Views: 5,537

After spending time with his grandmother, Dan Soder realizes that one particular thing about elderly people is incredibly disturbing. (1:41)

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I just hung out with my grandmafor a week,

a week with an 88-year-old lady.

Whew, you run out of topics

to talk about quickly.

Just sitting therestaring at her like,

"Well, uh..."


Dude, 88.

Crossword puzzles every day.

She drives.That's super dangerous.


We play gin rummy all the time.

Oh, she talks about death

with an easethat rattles my bones.

Holy [bleep], it's creepy.

It's like gang membersand my nana

talk about death the same way.

Like, "These streetsgonna take me out?

I ain't a littlemark-ass bitch."

And you're like,"All right, Nana, stop it.

Stop it, Nana."

You ever talk to anyoneover 80 about death?

It's just facts,

no emotions.

Closest I've ever cameto interviewing a serial killer.

Just sitting there like,

"Nana, what happenedto Rose next door?"

"She's gone."


"Did she move?"

"You're never gonna find her."

"D-d-did you kill Rose?"

She's like...[chuckling]

"Gin.""Oh, you sneaky bitch.

You're so goodat this game, Nana."


She does just kick the shitout of me in gin rummy

all the time.

It's pretty[bleep] embarrassing.