Exclusive - Roy Wood Jr. - Smoothie Song - Uncensored

Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure Season 1, Ep 1 02/19/2017 Views: 1,833

Roy Wood Jr. debuts a new rap music video that highlights the most expensive luxury item around: a smoothie. (1:33)

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Smoothies so expensive I'msurprised.

rappers don't talk about them intheir songs.


Give a damn about a rapper

With a damn nice car and somejewellry.

You wanna impress me.

Pull some kale out in the club.

Do that.


(hip hop intro)

♪ Might think you ballinbut I'm not impressed

♪ Your girlfriend knowsmy juice is pressed

♪ I see you and that Fanta but please remember that

♪ Me and my boys we sip the best

♪ Is it Cristal♪ Nah

♪ Is it Cognac ♪ Nah

♪ Is it Patron ♪ Nah

♪ Is it Sangria

♪ Tell e'rrybody what you sippin' on

♪ A smoothie Nigga.

♪ Servers not tryin' the stuff

♪ Player what I'm sippinon costs twice as much

♪ Ain't gotta front

♪ Ain't gotta floss

♪ These folks see my drink

♪ They know the cost ♪ Receipt

♪ Got wheat grass

♪ Got almond milk

♪ Got mangoes

♪ Antioxidants ♪ Fruits

♪ Got spinach

♪ A lil tumeric

♪ And that Fage yogurt is 2%

♪ That's $70

♪ Can your baller handle it ♪ Nope

♪ Don't forget kale and a pomegranate

♪ Smoothies expensive

♪ Everybody hate it

♪ But they raise the price

♪ These people pay it ♪ Yup

♪ Keep your Dom Ps and your rosés

♪ And your Cristals and your Ace of Spades

♪ And your Bentley Coupes and your pinky rings

♪ I'm sippin' on a four year education

♪ Might think you ballin' but I'm not impressed

♪ Your girlfriend knowsmy juice is pressed

♪ You got a helipad and a private jet

♪ But I'm over here sippin' on the best of the best

♪ Is it romaine♪ Yeah

♪ Is it spring mix ♪ Yeah

♪ Is it baby spinach ♪ Yeah

- [Hype Man] Is it iceberg?

♪ Tell everybody what you sippin' on

♪ A smoothie Niggaaaaaaa.

- [Rapper] Nobody drinksiceberg lettuce bruh,

it ain't nutritious.