Roast Battle II: Denver & Atlanta Regionals - Kim Congdon vs. Kath Barbadoro - Exclusive

Roast Battle II: Denver & Atlanta Regionals Season 2, Ep 2 01/08/2017 Views: 4,569

In this Atlanta Roast Battle, Kim Congdon drags up Kath Barbadoro's Florida past, and Barbadoro tries to guess Congdon's ethnicity. (1:47)

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- [Announcer] Let's roast!

- Kim is very ethnically ambiguous.

I can't totally tell what race she is,

but I do know it's one of the ones I hate.

If I had to guess, I'd pick wetback

cause God knows with that mug

dudes can only fuck her from behind.


- Okay Rebel Flag Wilson,

Kath looks like she farts when she cums.

- Last joke!

- Not only is Kim a whore, she is also from Florida

so she was actually very well acquainted with the taste

of old jewish dick before she met Jeff Ross.

- Kath is shaped like Adele,


- And that will do it!

Kim Congdon

Kath Barbadoro

Make it loud!

- So funny, both havedisdain for each other.

- Man, this one's hard.

You both had killer ones.

The fart, I don't even like fart jokes

and I loved that fart joke

because it hit home.

It hit home.

- Great all around,

but I would have togive this round to Kim.

- Yeah, Kim brought it yo,

and it's not the overalls,

- Kath you fuckin' killed it tonight.

But I did score for Kim,

so Kim I'm gonna give this one to you.

- Makin' up for Kimberly Congdon!

Hug each other!