Extended - Nikki Glaser - Light Choking

Nikki Glaser: Perfect Season 1, Ep 1 04/09/2016 Views: 501

When Nikki Glaser's boyfriend recently tried to choke her in bed, he didn't commit to it. (0:58)

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I'm down to trya lot of stuff.

My boyfriend doessome pretty kinky things.

He did this recently,just during--

like, surprised me with it.

Not at--not, like,in a vicious way.

Like, it was a very light--he might have been

checking my pulse,to be honest.

I'm not really sure.

I was very relaxed,

but it was just,like, a light one.

But he didn't say anythingwhen he did it.

He just did it,and then we were just like,

"Hey," like,just staring at each other.

You got to say something.You just can't be like, "Oh."

I was like,"Ahh," like...

And I didn't say anything,'cause I couldn't,

and I was like,"After you."

And I could tell he panic--

like, he didn'tthink about saying--

so he was just like,"I'm gonna kill you."

I was like, "What?No! Get off!"

And he was like,"Is that too much?"

I'm like,"Yes, it's too much.

Jesus Christ."