Sidestepping Trump with Football

February 2, 2017 - Blair Underwood 02/02/2017 Views: 31,327

Roy Wood Jr. tries to get his mind off of the chaos of the Trump administration by attending a football media event, but it's harder than he anticipated. (4:24)

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The non-stop Trump insanity

is wearing a lot of people down,

including our correspondents.

So we decided to giveRoy Wood Jr.

a break from the madnessby sending him over

to cover something wholesome,pure and innocent:

The NFL.

WOOD: These last two weeks have been the worst

of my career as a political reporter.

TRUMP:The world is a mess.

WOOD: But now I have a chance to escape

with a new assignment,

Super Bowl LI media day,

the Patriots and the Falcons.

And I was absolutely ready to cover this like the pros do,

'cause I was wearing sneakers

and a sport coat.

In here there's no talkabout a wall.

There's no talk aboutbanning Muslims,

just a bunch of Americanscelebrating

the best of the country,

which is a bunch of peoplejust (bleep) each other up.

We're gonna have to play well,

because they arean incredible opponent,

and they do a lot of thingsvery well,

so it's going to beall three phases of the game.

I got to be honest with you,I wasn't listening,

'cause it's just so amazingto be a part of this,

'cause there's a crazy assorange demagogue outside.

And he's just bringing(bleep) up.

How do you feelabout the 14 fumbles

that you made in week 12?

-I had 14 fumbles?-Yes, sir.

Me? I fumbled the ball 14 times?

-14 times.-I couldn't...

I couldn't have fumbled14 times.

I'm-I'm using alternative stats.

Oh, I...

I-I don't even knowwhat to say about that.

I mean, it's a stat,so it's got to be real.

It's on the paper.

So you're from Minnesota,

-but you play in Atlanta.-Correct.

Were you vettedbefore you became

-an Atlanta citizen?-I don't know.

I got a driver's licensefor Georgia.

You got a birth certificate?

Uh, yeah...Not on me, though.

Birth certificate,but not on you.

-Yeah. You got yours on you?-(laughs)

This ain't about me.It's about you, bro.

You can do this, man.

Just look him in the eyes and ask a nonpolitical question.

So what do you thinkis gonna happen Sunday?

Don't talk about Trump, don't talk about Trump.

Don't bring up Trump.

With Trump. You think we stillgonna have a country Sunday?

(groaning): Oh.

Hang on, hang on.

Perhaps Super Bowl media day

isn't the place to transition

from covering politics to sports.

I needed advice from an experienced sports reporter

like Katie Nolan.

Oh, my God, it's too fast,

-I can't-I can't...-How you doing, Roy?

Look, you got to leavethe politics at home.

This is a beautiful thing.Remember that.

-This is escape.-This is where we go to escape.

Think big men...This is so... this is what

makes America beautiful.Ask about offense,

ask about defense.

-I'm ready.-You've got this!

I'm ready! Yeah, yeah!-Tell me you've got this!

-I've got it! (yells)-Let's go!

Let's go! The entrance to the left.

WOOD: Katie's right-- it's not about red and blue,

it's about X's and O's. Keep the questions simple.

Do you play football?

-Yeah, I play football.-Yes!

Do you like playing football?

-Yeah, I like playing football.-Oh, God! Two for two!

Do you play forthe New England Patriots?


WOOD: It's exciting, right?

-What's that?-This is exciting, right?

Yeah, it's exciting.

-It's a good time.-Yeah, Super Bowl, baby.

Pretty cool.

Whole world's on fire outside,but here we are.

-Yeah. Football.-Yeah.

Now, do you... Do y...

I'm sorry, I can't remember thequestion. I got to get it from

the sideline.Hang on a second.

What's faster--rabbit, bird, dolphin, horse?


I would definitely say bird.

WOOD: I was getting good at this.

And there was nothing in here to remind me

of Donald Trump's awful policies.

WOOD: Oh, (bleep), there's Muslims in the NFL.

And Mexicans. Two groups that are impossible

to separate from Trump.

And then there's this (bleep) guy.

Oh, (bleep), it's Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is a friend of mine.We play golf together.

The great quarterback.He's a phenomenal guy.

BRADY: You know, sometimes he calls me, sometimes I call him.

Who's my hero?

WOOD: No, no, no!

I don't want to hear that.

In fact, get me out of here.

I need a protest to cover.

If I'm-a cover politics...

I'm gonna cover politics.

CROWD (chanting): Let them in!Let them in! Let them in!

What is your planto defeat the Patriots?

-Uh...-Hang on, I'm sorry.

That's-that... No, that'smy Super Bowl question.

I was a little rusty,

but it was still good to be back home.

Let them in!Let them in!