Sinbad - Teenagers Don't Know Jack

Sinbad: Make Me Wanna Holla Season 1, Ep 101 06/14/2014 Views: 20,764

Sinbad explains to the teenagers in his audience just how good they have it at home. (2:09)

We got any teenagers here?


No?I know.

Because yourparents made you go.

Go see Sinbad.

You need to see-- he'slike, uh, who's Sinbad?

"A Different World."

He's on "A Different World."Which one?

Oh, I want to see Kevin Hart.

I don't want to see Sinbad.

He said it, didn't he?

You don't want to see nobodywith your mama like that.

It make no sense, do it?

Who's Sinbad-- oh, he's old.

How's he going to relate to me?

How old are you?AUDIENCE: 15.

-See, 15.

You ride the age whereyou don't know Jack.

You don't know nothing.

I know you think-- youdon't know nothing.

You ain't got nodriver's license.

You can't go get nothin'.

You can't go to the store.

You don't pay no rent.

You a homeless manliving in a house.

You just don't see it that way.But that's how she looks at it.

See, we love you.

As parents, we love you.

We want you-- now,what's your first name?



See, your parents love you,but at 15, there's a love-hate.

Up to about 13-- I love you.I love you, my son.

You're my seed.

At 15-- I don't knowwhere the hell you from.

I don't know what side ofthe family this came from,

but it didn't come from me.

You about to lose your life.

That's what you about to lose.

If she ever says toyou, "get out my face,"

don't play with it.See, you all are young.

You all don't understand.

You all stand acouple extra minutes.

Where'd that come from?

See, in the '70s,when you mother

did this-- when shewent to the left, go.

Just go.


Stay with yourgrandma for a week.

Come back later.

You all stand there.

Knocked out.

Sometimes you've gotto do tough love.

We forgot-- tough love don'tmean beating the child.

I ain't talking about beating.

Every time you talkabout whoppin' a child--

isn't that wrong?

It's wrong to whoop a child.

Look, you ain'tnever been whooped.

The whoopin' is psychological.

The whoopin' don'teven hurt that much.

It's my father-- oh, boy.He's doing that noise.

Augh-- OK.