Tony Camin - Falling Apart

Season 2, Ep 0206 05/17/1993 Views: 752

Where that bald area is there used to be hair. (1:12)

It's very depressing.

I, uh-- I feel likeI'm falling apart here.

Just, uh, fallingapart to pieces.

You guys look so sophisti--I-- I'm just a mess.

Can you guys see this up here?

Head, folks.

Used to be hair.

Over here, same deal.

This was all hair.

This was hair here.

This was all hair here.

This whole delta regionhere-- my whole forehead

was just covered withfurry, lush growth.

The whole thing.

These aren't even eyebrows.

This is the high tidemark of my hairline.

You guys are nice.

This could be atough job sometimes,

because all the stories youtell have to be good stories.

You know?

You ever been telling a storyin front of a group of people,

and you realize rightat the end of the story

that's it's areally sucky story.

So to make it better, youlie at the end, you know?

Spice it up a little bit.

Yeah, so we're waiting there,and Alex shows up 45 minutes

late, and he doesn'thave the keys.

And his head blew up.

It was, uh-- It was cool.