Exclusive - Preparing for Anti-Press Hostility at the RNC - Uncensored

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Roy Wood Jr. reports on the Trump campaign's habit of restricting media access and goes through a simulator to train for possible confrontations with Trump supporters. (5:38)

(dramatic whooshing)

(electronic clicking)

- You know I'll be honest with you guys,

I'm not keen for this, okay.

I can't go into a war zone.

- Oh chill man, I got this.

- What do you mean, you got this?

- Yeah, what do you mean you got this?

- Stay calm, rememberyour tactical breathing.

- What is tactical breathing Roy?

All I know is breathing, breathing.

- We're gonna get fucking killed.

- Yeah they're gonna kill us out there.

- Stay calm, I got you. - [Dark Tie] What do you mean?

- [Roy] Two weeks ago I figured everything

would be cool in Cleveland,

at least that's what I told my fake wife

when she said good-bye.

Cleveland's gonna be a good time,

they just won a championship.

Cleveland ain't been this happy since,

they ain't neverbeen this happy.

First up, D.C., needed tips on covering conventions

so I hit up a dude at Politico.

I knew he was good because he didn't

wear a neck tie orshave or brush his hair.

All right, I know you've been covering the election for

a long time, what's the vibe gonna be like in Cleveland?

Like what should I wear?

I wanna go to the right parties.

It's gonna be hype.

- It's gonna be tense.

You might wanna get a helmet or a gas mask.

There's a lot ofunrest expected.

There were reports of anarchist cells

that are gonna come out for this.

- I'm talking about the event in America.

I'm not talking about Syria man.

What is you talking about?

- This is for the Republican National Convention

in Cleveland, Ohio.

- Why the hell is it gonna be like that?

- Trump has been a lightning rod from

the start of this campaign.

- Newspapers and the media are totally dishonest people.

These people right here,look at all the ca--

You are the most dishonest human beings on Earth.

- [Voiceover] BenSchreckinger then denied

entry to Trump's press conference.

- Donald Trump has repeatedly revoked

or denied press credentials to a number of

different news outlets like Politico,

Buzzfeed, The Daily Beast, Univision.

- The press, they're so dishonest

we just took the press credentials away

from the dishonest Washington Post.

I said--

- [Roy] Okay, so he trashes the press,

that's what politicians do.

Why is this a big deal?

- Banning an outlet like the

Washington Post is unprecedented.

- Yeah but the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Politico,

these are all Liberal publications who are just

having a little hissy fit because

(whining) Mr. Trump won't let us in his event.

- It's not just the Liberal--

- Why won't you let meyour event. (whimpering)

- The dishonest media is not a term that

he reserves for only Liberal media.

It also affects traditionally conservative media as well

and the idea that journalists are the enemy

is not a good idea tohave in a country where

we pride ourselves on freedom of the press.

- So you're saying freedom of the press is important,

even for journalists who say stupid shit?

- Well who's saying that they're saying stupid shit?


- Yeah.

- Yeah, I mean, it's unfortunately understandable that

some journalists have been undergoing crisis training

to prepare for the Republican National Convention.

- Crisis training?

- It's not exactly-- - [Roy] For a convention?

I've seen the convention on TV.

Look like white Mardi Gras.

- I wish I was joking, but I'm not.

- [Roy] And she wasn't.

This is Global Journalist Security.

Where they actually use this crazy,

Maze Runner of Hunger Games looking thing

to train journalists for Afghanistan, Iraq,

and I shit you not, the RNC.

- The fact that Mr. Trump has come very close to

inciting violence against individual journalists

inside his own Trump rallies, the fact that

you're gonna have protesters, supporters of Mr. Trump,

possibly armed,second-amendment-rightsprotesters.

- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, hold on.

Did you just say armed protesters?

- That's right.

- Legally armed protesters? - [Frank] Legally armed.

Ohio is an open and concealed carry state.

- Shit, I'm not going.

Not where people walk around with damn guns.

I'm not going to Cleve--, excuse me a sec.

Trevor what's up?

I'm going to Cleveland.

- They are disgusting,dishonest human beings.

- [Roy] Yo, I needed toget trained real quick

so I ran the simulationof a Trump rally.

Me the journalist versusan angry Trump crowd.

- (mumbling)

- [Roy] Yeah you can tall it's pretend

because some of the Trump supporters are black.

But real talk, I was terrified.

(shouting) Mama, Mama.

- Trump, Trump, stop, stop, no, no, no, no, no.

- They're surrounding you, okay?

You've gotta realize they're starting to go hostile.

Let's get out of here.

- How about I just pickone and just ska-bop?

Especially you.


Not so tough now.

- Drop the ego, put it in your pocket.

- Why don't they like me, Man?

- Do the tactical breathing.

That's gonna calm you down. (breathing sharply)

- Tactical breathing done, I'm ready.

Tactical breathing was all I needed.

Get ready Cleveland, I'm coming for you.

(tape screeching)

- [Voiceover] I have toomuch to live for Roy.

- [Voiceover] Yeah, me too.

- Yeah, him too.

Don't you get it?

All of the threeminorities on the show.

They're gonna murder us.- [Roy] Chill, chill.

(anticipatory music)

Let's go.

(roguish instrumental music)

(crowd shouting and chanting)

- I don't got this.

- You don't got this?

- You don't got this Roy?

- Get back in the car.

- What?

- It was an Uber Roy, it's driving away.

- Roy! Roy! God dammit Roy! Roy!

(dramatic music)

(chill instrumental music)