Marc Maron - Crazy Celebrities

Keller, Barham, Maron Season 2, Ep 22 05/24/1993 Views: 2,694

Charles Manson just isn't scary anymore. (1:13)

If I could, just a few wordsin defense of David Karesh.

Oh, no.

You think he was crazy.

You think he was nuts.

But he convinced 150people he was God.

What have you done lately?

He was no Manson though.

Manson was the kingof that I think.

Manson goes up for parole everyyear and they put them on TV.

And up to aboutfive years ago he

was still sort ofominous and threatening.


But now Manson's like the oldvaudevillian of serial killers.

They put them on TV.

It's like, Hey, Charlie's on.

Come here, look.

Yeah, we know, man.

'60s are over buddy.

They should give himhis own TV station.

Charlie Manson.

What do you think?

There's going to be 500TV stations in five years.

Did you read that article?

500 TV-- What are they goingto put on 500 TV stations?

Andy Warhol once said, we'llall be famous for 15 minutes.

I think he was wrong.

I think we're allgetting our own show.