Uncensored - Jo Koy - First Earthquake

Jo Koy: Lights Out Season 1, Ep 1 04/01/2012 Views: 32,333

The first earthquake that Jo Koy experienced with his son was confusing for both of them. (2:24)

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- I was in my first earthquake.It was about--

it was about four years agoor five years ago.

It was with my son.It was the first earthquake

I was ever in with my son,and, uh, it was so funny,

'cause he was sitting--he wassitting on the couch like this

watching, uh, TV, right?

And, uh, and I'd justgot out of the shower

and I'm toweling off.

Now, if you've never beenin an earthquake,

it lasts maybe, what,three seconds at the most?

But it feels likeeternity, right?

So I just remember--I'd just got out of the shower,

and I'm toweling off,

and then all of the sudden,everything starts shaking.

Just...[imitates rumbling]

I was like,"Oh, fuck, earthquake," right?

So I had to go get my son,

and everythingwas like slow-motion,

so I started runningto the living room.

It was like,[slowly] "Jo!


Jo!"Wet, naked.



I came around the corner,and my son looked at me

like this...


"Jo! Jo!"





And the earthquake stopped,

so I put him back on the couch,and I kissed him.

I go, "I love you."

And I walk backto the room,

wet, naked.

And I was toweling off,

and I started thinkingto myself.

I was like,

"Should I tell himwhat just happened?"

He has no ideawhat the fuck just happened.

He was just watching SpongeBob SquarePants,

and his wet, naked dad

came running aroundthe corner going,

[slow]"I love you, Jo!"

So I didn't tell him.

Fuck it, I'm gonna let itsit in the back of his head

for the rest of his life.

Every time there'san earthquake, he's gonna go,

"Oh, shit!Do you see my dad?

You see my dad?"