Jim Breuer - Mosh Pits

Dana Gould Season 1, Ep 5 08/25/1997 Views: 7,750

Show how much you like a band by throwing punches at other fans. (1:18)

And I wasn't ready for, like,

these mosh pits that they

do now.

It's crazy, man.

You know what mosh pits are,



The band starts playing.

Everyone starts running around

and just pouncing one another,

just pouncing to show how much

they like the band.

You know, what happened to

clapping, man?



>> What are you doing in there?

Dancing with them?

You gotta throw some punches,

your cream puff.

>> "You gotta show 'em how much

you like 'em, man."

20 years from now concerts are

gonna be like--

[imitates machine gun]


[imitates explosions]

I'm your biggest fan.

[cheers and applause]