Joe DeRosa - Equality of the Genders

Joe DeRosa: You Let Me Down Season 1, Ep 1 02/03/2017 Views: 1,221

Joe DeRosa's feminist beliefs conflict with his feelings during a fateful drive. (1:20)

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I do consider myself Feminist,I do.

I support the feminist cause.


Yeah, I do.

I think it'sa sad state of things

that we even need it, okay?

But that kind ofproves my point.

I have a questionabout feminism.

I guess this is mostlyfor the women in the room.

This actually happenedright up the street.

I was trying to park my carin a parking lot,

and a woman in her car,she had parked illegally,

okay, so she's blockingboth lanes.

Nobody could move.

She's holding up the wholething, just sitting there.

So I roll down my window,and I honk.

I go, "Hey, lady, come on,move your car."

And she got out of her car,and she did this to me.

She goes...

Now, here's my question.

Women, if we're equalas genders,

which I believe we are,



why can I notfistfight that woman?



She's calling me out.

Why is the protocolto drive off

muttering "[bleep]" to myselffor the rest of the day?

Doesn't seem fair.