Plus Pierre - Fast Food Service

Miami Season 1, Ep 5 10/30/2016 Views: 2,690

When Plus Pierre goes to fast food restaurants, the different kinds of customer service only enhance his experience. (1:19)

and see white people.

That is a sassy black girl'sjob, okay?

All right?

If her attitudeis not as salty as my fries,

I'm being robbed.


It's supposed to sound like,

"Thank you for comingto McDonald's.

"We don't have number 5, 7,and 11, and 12.

What you want?"

[laughter and applause]

Uh, at the very same token,I, um,

I don't want negroesat my Starbucks.

There. No, okay?

When I go to Starbucks,

I want a Kirsten, a Phoebe,

a Chloe, a Seth,

a Brenden with an E.

Because Kirsten knows my order

from last damn time.

You walk in there,"Let me get...

a number--"

"Ah, ah, ah.

"Ah, ah, ah.

"I know what you want.

"You want a tall mocha frappe,with brown sugar,

"and no whipped cream,because you said, and I quote,

'Real negroes don't use cream.'"

[laughter and applause]

[hip-hop music]