Mark Forward - Test Results

Ron Funches, Mark Forward, Dan Soder Season 4, Ep 6 08/30/2013 Views: 6,178

Mark Forward has had a really rough day waiting to find out the news about his grandmother. (1:38)

Thanks a lot.I'm really good.

Um, no I am.

I'm one of the best, so...

Um, a lot of the other peopletonight were telling jokes.

And, uh,that's one way to go.

Um, I've had a prettyrough day.

Um, I've been waitingon some test results.

And, uh,

I'm supposed to get themtexted to me.

They're not for me.They're for my grandmother.


So, um,instead of doing jokes,

um, I'm just going to doa half-hour

of me and my grandmother'sfavorite songs.

And if you guys couldgrow the [BLEEP] up

and stop laughing,that'd be great.

[SINGING]If I lay beside you

If I was inside you

What wouldthe people...?

I got a text.

It's the results.

Oh, thank God.

She's not my grandmother.



That song has been so awkwardfor so long.

I, um,