Michael Che - Hospitable Racists

Michael Che Season 3, Ep 2 06/06/2014 Views: 32,223

Michael Che does not understand why certain stereotypes exist. (1:27)

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Judge me. I don't care.

I went to Tennessee one time,

went down Southto do some shows.

And sometimes,people take you around

and show you what to do,right, in the city.

So, this lady-- she's showing meeverything to do in Tennessee,

and she goes, "Hey, Che,

"I don't want to sound racistor anything,

"but you've got to trythis chicken restaurant we have.

It's amazing."

And I was, like,"Why would that be racist?"

And she goes,


'Cause black peoplelike a chicken a lot.

Which is a very hurtfulstereotype for two reasons:

one, it's absolutely true;

two, you knowwho else likes chicken a lot?

Everybody with taste buds.

Why is it only funnywhen we eat it? I don't know.

How did that just becomeour thing?

Why is that a weird thingthat we like chicken?

That's... I'm seriously asking.

'Cause there was a guy that madethe news, a professional golfer,

he got in trouble'cause he told Tiger Woods...

he said, "I'm gonna inviteTiger Woods to my house

and I'm gonna make himsome fried chicken."

And white people was like, "Oh.

That is racist."

And I was like, "Is it?"

What kind of thoughtful racist

finds out your favorite food

and then threatensto make it for you?

He sounds hospitable.