Baron Vaughn - 10-Second Rule

South Beach Comedy Festival 2009 Season 1, Ep 3 02/01/2009 Views: 7,245

People believe in a lot of weird things that make no sense. (1:40)

-People believe in a lotof weird superstitions.

People-- people believein a lot of weird things

that make no sense like Oprah.

And oh, one of myfavorite superstitions

is the 10 second rule.

You know what I'm talking about?

I was with a friendthe other day.

He dropped a piece of food.

He was like, (LAUGHING)10 second rule, yes.

I got a stopwatch.

And I'm like that is pudding.

Like, you can't just be like hmscoop, lick, tips of my fingers

are OK.

No, they're not.

You drop a piece of food.

I sincerely doubt that bacteriais huddled in the corner-- one

Mississippi, twoMississippi, three-- oh!

He picked it up.

This is a downturnin the germ economy.

I can't--

You should applythat to every context

of dropping things,guys, like a baby.

I'm not saying do it.

I'm just saying that'show much sense it makes.

That's the logic.

That's the logic.

If you had a baby, justlike, rock-a-bye baby-- pft.



10 second rule, yes.


OK, run along, junior.

That's not a straight line.

Call the doctor, right away.

And apparently, it's differentfrom where you're from.

Like people arguewith me about it.

You know, people come upto me after shows like, hey

yeah that bit you,10 second rule?

Seven second rule, man.

Tap, tap tap, excuse me,yes, you're both wrong.

Five second rule, man.

Tap, tap, tap.

Yes, I have a cartoonish voice.

It's the three second rule, sir.

So apparently, it's differentfrom where you're from.

Um Ethiopia, eight minutes.