Exclusive - Roast Battle II: L.A. Regionals Pt. 1 - Joe Dosch vs. Alex Hooper - Uncensored

Roast Battle II: L.A. Regionals Pt. 1 Season 2, Ep 3 01/15/2017 Views: 3,543

Joe Dosch predicts what would happen if Alex Hooper visited a glory hole, and Hooper figures out what Dosch would order at a sports bar. (2:05)

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(audience cheers) - Let's roast!

- Joe looks like he would order soup at a sports bar.

(audience laughing)

- Alex is so ugly, whenhe goes to a glory hole,

the guy on the other side wants to just be friends.

(audience groans and applauds)

- Joe never buys lube, he still has a full bucket of his

parents' tears from when he came out as a gay comedian.

(audience laughing)

- Alex is an actor, he was on Nickelodeon playing a ninja

and in a silent movie playing the moon.

(audience laughing)

- [Man] Last joke.

- Wow Joe, I know homosexuality isn't a choice,

but standup is, and maybe you should stop.

(audience applauds)

Joe's head is so bighis mom had a C-section

and it still destroyed her pussy.

- The poor woman.

You know, I'd call Alex a douchebag,

but a douchebag can hold moisture.

- That's it, round one, first match,

Joe Dosch, Alex Hooper.

Holy crap.

(audience applauds)

- They came out firing, and I think Alex did a great job.

- Thanks. (audience cheers)

- That's one for Alex.

- I'm onto presentation,and I gotta go with Joe.

Joe, I'll give you the round.

- Thank you. (audience cheers)

- One Alex, one Joe.

- You're a fucking weirdo and that's very

obvious just by looking at you, okay?

- Oh, I know.- I gotta go with Alex.

- Alex fucking never wins.

(audience laughing)

- Never. - No, I meant in life.

I'll say this, Alex, you really should be complimented

tonight, you should be proud,

'cause you really did beat one of the best, congratulations.

- Alex Hooper!

Hug each other.

- [Men] Battle, battle, battle.