Exclusive - Keep It 100 - DJ Drama's Lifeboat

08/09/2016 Views: 260

DJ Drama finds himself in a lifeboat and must decide which fellow rapper he'd save: Drake or Meek Mill. (1:35)


- All right, I'm here with DJ Drama.

It's time for the game that I like to call

Keep It 100.

Keep it 100.

You know it works,

I give you a question,

you have to keep your answer 100% real.

If you do, you get one of these.

If not, gonna have to throw some weak tea at you.

- Uh-oh.

This can get real.

- Get real man, this is a fun one though, all right?


You're on a DJ, rap and hip-hop cruise, all right?

- Cruise?

- Cruise right.

Cruise ship, right?

- Right.

- Everyone who's anyoneis on board, all right?

Suddenly the boat sinks in shark-infested waters.

- Ooh.

- And you find yourselfin a life raft,

that can only hold two people.

(woman laughing)

Worst boat ever.

(audience laughing)

Worst safety standards ever.

This life raft can only hold two people.

- Okay.

- You're already in it.

- All right.

- [Larry] Up swim Drake and Meek Mill.


- Up swim Drake and Meek Mill.

- And they both want in your raft, you can only save one.

- I can only--

- You can only save one.

Drake or Meek Mill.

Who are you pulling to safety,

and who is swimming with the sharks?

- Um.

- [Larry] Who gets eaten?

- Probably gonna save Meek.

- [Larry] You'regonna save Meek?

- [Woman] Oh!

- [Larry] You're gonna let Drake get eaten?

- [Man] Cause Meek is from Philly.

- I mean, you know, he can survive.

He's a tough guy.


You'd think he could get by with the sharks, right?

He's gonna be able to get through--

He swims with sharks all the time!

He's good.

- He don't want twolight-skinned dudes in the boat.


- I think you kept it 100, you got your sticker right there.

That's keeping it 100 right there.

Throw Drake over that--


- [Man] Oh that's funny.

Two light-skinned (laughing).