Between the Scenes - Censoring Gratuitous Movies

August 18, 2016 - Emily King 08/18/2016 Views: 13,255

Trevor's mother would never let him watch American movies that featured food fights when he was a kid. (0:41)

- In Africa, like, so my mom,

she would let me watch, like, a sex scene in a movie.

She would be like, I don't care about that.

But if kids were playing with food,

she'd make me turn the movie off.

So whenever there's like, I used to watch

those high school movies, those American movies,

and then, you know, there'd always be a food fight

in the cafeteria, then my mom would be like,

turn if off, turn it off!

(audience laughs)

And then I'd be like, what do you mean?

She's like, why are they wasting food?

Then I was like, it's a movie.

She's like, but it's real food.

It's real food!

It's real food, how can you waste food like that?

And then I was like,

it's like my mom was going,

you know how parents will go, there's children starving.

My mom was like, weare starving in Africa.

We're starving.(audience claps)

Why are they wasting food?