Eric Krug - Anne Frank or Tupac Shakur?

Season 4, Ep 0407 12/04/2009 Views: 2,647

Even though the words are different, Anne Frank and Tupac Shakur share the same message. (2:38)

from creatingtheir hard-hitting dramas

to educate the youth.I don't know if you knew that.

MTV does a lot of, uh,documentaries.

Uh, they did one on theHolocaust a couple years back.

I don't know if you knewabout that-- pretty awesome.

Uh, I actually saw thispromotional featurette on MTV

that they were advertisingfor the documentary.

And on this featurette, I sawthe producer from MTV Films

waxing intellectual with herhip, young viewing audience

by comparingthe writing of Anne Frank

with thatof rapper Tupac Shakur.

Actually happened.

I saw this

and, uh, she basicallywas saying that even though

the words were different,

the message was the same.

And, uh, in keeping with MTV'scommitment to programs

that not only entertain,but enlighten,

I've actually been in talkswith the network to create

a new game show called Tupac or Anne Frank

in which we give the contestantsa line of dialogue

either from The Diary of Anne Frank

or from one of Tupac'smany hit songs,

and we see if they can figureout who the author is.

And I feel like

this is a great chanceto give it a test run.

Maybe run a couple practicerounds by you guys,

'cause you seem likea very literary crowd.

So, uh, here we go.We're going to play a little

Tupac or Anne Frank right nowwith you, the crowd.

All right, number one:

"I don't think of all the miseryin the world,

but of the beautythat still remains."

Tupac or Anne Frank?

(audience talking at once)

The correct answeris Anne Frank. Yes.

Obviously, you need to readmore MTV.

All right, number two:

"Revenge is like the sweetestjoy next to getting (bleep)."

Tupac or Anne Frank?

MAN:Anne Frank!

Mm, split down the middle.

Correct answer: Tupac.


I'm always, uh,always a little surprised

how many peopleget that one wrong.

Kind of feel like that should beone of the easier ones.

All right, number three:

"Even when they kill me,

they can never take the gamefrom a young G."

Trick question,that was both, actually.

That was both.

Very similar styles.

Number four:

"Laziness may appear attractive,

but work givesone satisfaction."

Well, we all know a black mandidn't write that.