Uncensored - Extended - Natasha Leggero - Calling Applebee's

Natasha Leggero: Live at Bimbo's Season 1, Ep 1 08/22/2015 Views: 3,435

Natasha Leggero gives Applebee's a call from the stage to ask a hostess what sets her restaurant apart from TGI Fridays. (1:14)

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- Hello, ma'am?

- [Woman On Phone] Yeah, yeah.

- Okay, quick question.

Do you think I could speak to the chef, please?


- [Woman] No, he's really busy.

- Oh, okay.


Can I, do you have...

I just have a few more questions.

Noreen?- Okay.

- Okay.

Really quickly, I'd like to know...

You know, I want areally romantic setting.

Like, what sets your restaurant apart

from a TGI Fridays or...

Wait, what's it called?

TJ, TGI Fridays or a Fuddruckers or, you know,

staying in and getting diarrhea at home?


- [Noreen] What?

- What...


What would separate Applebees from a TGI Fridays

or a Fuddruckers or just staying home

and getting diarrhea there?

- [Noreen] I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to go.

- Okay, okay, okay.

Quick quick quick question.

I just have to ask you one more thing.

If you don't take reservations or call-aways or whatever.

If I want to send two people here,

what would be the best time to have them come

if he's looking to get his dick wet?


- [Noreen] 9:30.

(hysterical laughter) - Oh okay, cool.

Thank you so much.