Pokestops Are a Basic Human Right

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A Norwegian "Pokemon Go" fan made a plea for more Pokestops, so Jimmy Pardo, David Krumholtz and Doug Benson imagine what else he could do to make his village go viral. (2:31)

Uh, I want to get seriousfor a second.


-BENSON: Is the second over?-Yes.

Now I'd like to talkabout a terrible crisis

in the Norwegian villageof Vindenes.

They're currently living throughan extreme shortage...

Hold on....of Pokestops.

I know.

Let's not get too worked up.Take a look.

It's not easy to play Pokemon GOin our village.

Here in the villageof Vindenes, Norway,

we don't have any Pokestop.

(people groaning and sighing)

How many people expect himto go,

-"Hi, everybody!"-Yeah. -(laughter)

(applause and cheering)

I just imaginethat he's a giant,

and there's,like, normal-size people

that he's justcrushing their village

as he's walking through.

Yeah, there...

There's one right there.

-There's one right there!-There he is! -Little guy.

Run! Run!

KRUMHOLTZ: That guy standingright next to him.

(laughter,applause and cheering)

It just lookslike he's far away.

Anyway, this Pokestop situationis serious,

so (bleep) shut up about it.


Luckily, the general managerof the Norwegian's

Men's Wear-haushas a solution.

Take a listen.

We build a statueon our own.

The world's firstPokemon GO statue

here in our village.

Uh, seriously, havinga convenient Pokestop

is a basic human right.

It's in the constitution,or at least it seems like it is,

with as pissed off as people get

whenever there's a glitchin Pokemon GO.

So I urge all of you...

I don't know what I am saying.I'm (bleep) playing right now.

Right now I am playing'cause there are Pikachus.

-(applause and cheering)-Oh, my God!

PARDO:What you do?

I was just sayingthere's a Pikachu...

-I have... Listen, guys,I'm sorry. I'm sorry. -What?

-(applause and cheering)-Wow.

HARDWICK:Just hang on. Anyway, I...


...urge all of you to watchthis video and share...

share and like and supportin his struggle, which is real.

Comedians, what do you think

are some other stuntsAnders the giant here

has pulled to make his villagego... to make his willage

go wiral?

-(laughter) -Uh, Jimmy.-Two villagers, one cup.

-HARDWICK (laughing): All right.-(audience groaning)




Holding an annual "Come (bleep)a Bridge Troll Day."

-(laughter, groaning, applause)-HARDWICK: Once a year.

-Once a year. -Yeah.-Once a year we get together.

Uh, Doug Benson.

Come for the Pokestop,stay for the beanstalk.

-(laughter)-HARDWICK: All right. Points.