Russia Reacts to President Obama's Sanctions

January 3, 2017 - Michael Che 01/03/2017 Views: 183,268

President Obama imposes sanctions on Russia for interfering in the U.S.'s 2016 election, but Vladimir Putin sees no reason to retaliate ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration. (4:06)

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Now, since we went awayfor the holidays,

the U.S. has been dealingwith the aftermath

of Russia's interference in thepresidential election.

And in the last few days,like a video on World Star,

things have escalated quickly.

TV REPORTER: The White House today striking back

against Russia for interfering in the U.S. election.

The president taking executive action

to expel 35 Russian intelligence operatives.

President Putin announced there will be no retaliation,

saying we will not create any problems for U.S. diplomats.

We will not expel anyone.

Putin even issued this invitation

to American children:

"In response to the new U.S. sanctions,

"I invite all children of the U.S. diplomats

"to the New Year and Christmas children show

at the Kremlin."

Signed, Yours Sincerely, Vladimir Putin.

-Okay, now...-(laughter)

Now the news said that Putindid not retaliate,

but in my opinion

those actions arethe ultimate retaliation.

Telling someone they haveto stay in Russia.

That is punishment.

I bet you American diplomatswere, like,

"Oh, so I guess we also haveto leave."

And he's like, (with Russianaccent): "No, no, you stay.

You stay."

And the kids, imagine the kids.

Christmas at the Kremlin?

That is the worst wayto spend Christmas ever.

Can you imagine kids saying,what did you do for Christmas?

I spent it at the Kremlin.

Was it fun?

It was at the the Kremlin.

But if you think about it,why would Putin respond?

Obama has less than three weeksleft in office,

at which point Putin'snew bestie takes over.

Uh, or to put it another way.

TV REPORTER: In a tweet Friday afternoon,

Trump said "Great move on delay(by V. Putin).

I always knewhe was very smart!"

You know my favorite partof that tweet

is you know that Trump has noidea how to spell Vladimir.

So, he didn't just...

Like, he didn't try at all.

He was just like,"Great move on delay by V-L...

"Vil... Vlad... Vladm...

by V. Putin."

So here's where we are:Russia hacked, uh, the election.

Well, they didn't...they didn't hack the election.

What they did wasthey had a phishing thing

that Podesta clicked and...It's not hacking.

Hacking a high level thing.They got the Democrats.

Obama basicallyput Russia in time out

and Putin was like,"Well, I like time outs."

So now the conversationabout cyber security

in America is leftup to this guy.

I'm-I'm sorry--I wasn't paying attention

to anything Trump said.

I was too busystaring at Don King.

He looks like he's wearing

the entire Statue of Libertysouvenir shop.

What is he doing?

Like, say what you want,but for a guy in his 80s,

he knows how to rocka Mount Rushmore jean jacket.

I mean, that guy is just...he's just killing it.

All right, sorry,let-let's try this again.

Uh, Trump, how do you know

that computers are so dangerous?

He turned my screeninto an aquarium.

What dark magic is this?

But Trump thinks he knowsa lot about computers,

especially how to hack them.

Why not tell us now?Why not tell...

You know about aninternational espionage incident

and you're notgonna tell us now?

Donald Trump has lived insidea reality show for so long

he's just, like, Seacrest-ing

national security informationright now.

The United Stateshas just declared war,

and I'll tell you with whoright after the break.