The World Is Ending Again

A Farewell to Arms Season 7, Ep 2 06/20/2012 Views: 111,494

Hermes notes that the world is ending more often than usual, and Professor Farnsworth predicts the next disaster. (0:48)

(crackling, thunder crashing)

Is it just me, oris the world ending

more often these days?

The calendar predicts fires,earthquakes,

sharksplosions,then it just ends!

Exactly as the weather balloonforetold.

Before Fry blew hispants out of the sky,

it detected the onset of acatastrophic sunspot cycle.

(flames crackling)

(all gasping)

It's starting.

This is the end of the world.

(people screaming)

Coward Man away!



Some of us were crazy before it was cool.