Jeff Dunham - Happy Freaking Hallowiener

Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters Season 1, Ep 1 10/07/2012 Views: 99,930

Walter explains to Jeff Dunham why Frankenstein's monster was angry all the time. (1:57)

technically, you're not

really Frankenstein.

>> What?

>> Well, most people don't

realize this, but the monster

was The Monster, and

Frankenstein was actually

the doctor.

>> Well, thank you, Professor



You know, you should...

you should Tweet that.

How about that?

Then you can Tweet,

"I'm a huge dork.

Frowny face, hashtag, Dumb Ass."



>> Walter...

>> I'll take "Things That Will

Never Get You Laid"

for $500, Alex.


>> Well, I will say,

I like your costume.

>> Well, great.


>> Right.

>> Sounds like a Jewish name.

You think Dr. Frankenstein

was Jewish?

>> I don't know.

>> That would explain a lot.

>> Why is that?

>> He was digging up

used body parts.

>> Right.

>> Probably to save money.



Oh, tell me I'm wrong!


Yeah, that's it-- he was Jewish.

And that explains why his

monster was angry all the time.

>> Why?

>> Because he's circumcised,

the poor bastard.


Now that changes

the movie completely.

He's killing the villagers

because he's deranged.

No, he's not.

His wiener hurts.


And it was somebody else's.


You know, if I were

really that monster,

wherever the doctor

was digging up parts, yeah,

I'd hope that cemetery had one

dead black guy and no Asians.


That's right.

I did a racist wiener joke.


Happy frickin' Hallow-wiener.


(applause, cheering)