The Calm Before the Storm

Brody Stevens, Who Are You? Season 1, Ep 1 12/02/2013 Views: 1,301

Brody finally feels content with his personal life and his career path, but there's trouble on the horizon. (1:13)

You know, it's a big yearfor me, man.

This is my opportunity.


Now it's my turn!

Doing well, creating a pilotpresentation... for HBO.

Now I'm at the point whereI can start doing my own thing.

And now I have the backing ofthe number one comedy actor...

once Will Ferrell retires,or Vince Vaughn retires.

I'm back with my sister.We reconciled for my mother's80th birthday!

Yeah... there's nothingwrong with my family!

We're back, and I'm telling you,good things are gonna happenright now.

Juliette Lewis sent mea direct message on Twitter...

saying, "Hey, do you know BrodyStevens? What's going on?"

And so I went and I lookedat his Twitter feed...

and it was like non-st--like over two days...

there was no break wherehe would have slept.

And I was like, "Well, thisis definitely not normal.