Mike Merrill - Feeling Safe

Ian Bagg & Mike Merrill Season 3, Ep 5 11/01/2014 Views: 2,341

Applause makes Mike Merrill feel safe, but there's something else that would make him feel a lot safer. (1:33)

Want to thank you guysfor that applause.

That is wonderful.I appreciate that.

That makes me feel very safe.


But you knowwhat would make me feel safer?

If there was a couple moreblack folks in here. Uh...

There are 2.5 black peoplein here tonight.

I just hopethis isn't an auction,

'cause, uh...

Uh, 'cause I performedin places

where you didn't seeany other black people.

Man, I performed in a placecalled Colorado, and...

at first, not onlydid I not see black people,

I didn't even see black things.

Things that are supposedto be black was not black.

My shadow was white, it hadlong hair like a Thundercat.

It was all beautiful.

So I get uptightwhen I go somewhere

and I feel likeI'm the only letter on the page.

'Cause black people havea complicated relationship

with each other, man.

It's very complicated.

We go to one place

where ain't that manyother black people,

we're like, "Man, it ain'tno black people here.

Somebody might try to kill me."

But then we go somewhere else,and be like, "Wait a minute.

"There's too manyblack people here.

Somebody might tryto kill me, 'cause..."

We need an optimum numberof black people.

Enough so that we feel safe,

but not so manythat somebody might be like,

"That fool owe meseven dollars."

Pop, pop, pop.See? Now you're dead.

Now you're dead.

'Cause you don't knowwho's gonna start shooting, man.