Jonah Ray - Partying with Lars Ulrich

Jonah Ray Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/2013 Views: 23,622

One of Jonah Ray's all-time favorite drummers lets him down. (2:21)

I'll tell you a story... I wentto this house party once, and

there was a lot of us hangingout, and it turns out, uh,

Lars Ulrichfrom Metallica was there.

Uh, he's the drummerfor Metallica.

And we're all hanging outand it's, uh, crazy

'cause this guy's... Like,I grew up loving this dude.

I just like... He was one of myfavorite drummers of all time.

Uh, not so much anymore.

And it was like...It was kind of crazy.

I was like,"This is really crazy.

This is Lars Ulrich." And, uh...

I'm not gonna say legallythat he was doing cocaine.

But... cocaine was being done

and it wasn't anybody else.

And he starts trying to tell usabout, like, it's, like, music

and stuff like that, and, likejust start trying to figure out

one song, he's just, like,"Ah, oh, yeah, you got to...

oh, this one song, oh, brother."

And, uh... "Oh, brother"?

You're in a metal band.

And then he's, like, uh,

he's, like, he's, like,trying to tell us a song.

We're like,"Oh, we don't have it."

And this was a while back,too, this happened.

And, uh, he... we're nextto a computer-- he's like,

"Oh, uh, doesthat computer go online?"

And I was like, "Yeah,

"if it didn't I'd throw itout the (bleep) window.

What good would itdo me if it didn't?"

He's like, "Oh, well, anyway,yeah, I'll, um, I'll just, uh,

I'll download that song."

Now, here's the thingyou got to know.

This is pre-iTunes.

To say the words "I'm gonnadownload a song"

was illegal.

Mainly in part to

Lars (bleep) Ulrich.

This is the guy who made itso no one could do that.

The people that did--he sued them.

He sued fans of him--that'd be like

someone coming to me,"I really like your stuff."

And then I'd punch themin the balls.

And take their money.

And then poop on their face.

And then everyone kind of getsweird, they're like, "Whoa.

"This is... you're... what?

Nah, nah, why would...?"

And then, uh, he's, like, heunderstands it's kind of weird.

He's like, "Oh, no, no,it's cool-- I kind of have

an ultimate hall passwhen it comes to this thing."

Again, "ultimate hall pass"--how old are you?

You're in Metallica, come on.

And then, uh, and thenyou're just like, uh...

he's like, "I can do this."

And then I was like,"You know what?

If anyone could do that,it's not you."

That's like Hitler...