Exclusive - Obama's Anger Translator - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Uncensored

Season 1, 01/16/2011 Views: 111,374

Obama and his anger translator Luther share a special message for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. (0:54)

("Hail to the Chief" by James Sanderson)

- Hello my fellow Americans,

this is my anger translator, Luther.

- Hi.

- Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

A day in which we celebrate a great leader.

- And all y'all do is remember him one day a year

and then name some lame ass streets

after him, fuck y'all.

- Now more than ever, it's important that we remember

his message of peace.

- And I will punch you in the mouth

if you do not remember Martin Luther King, Jr.'s

message of peace.

(karate yelling)

- He taught us that oneman can raise awareness

and make social change.

- Because of Martin Luther King, Jr.

I can walk into any white man's house

without invitation andsay, "This my house now.

"Get the fuck out."

- Nope, nope, no you can't.

- You cannot do that, Luther.

Stop making shit up, damn!

- I mean, you haven't done that, right?

- I got to make some phone calls.