Tom Brady's Tears

The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston - January 31, 2017 Season 1, Ep 2 02/01/2017 Views: 827

El Pres, KFC and Big Cat give their take on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's emotional public tribute to his father. (1:35)

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Tom Brady, my guy, bestquarterback who ever lived.

Media Day.Somebody asked him --

Well, let's justroll the tape.

They asked him who his hero was.Got a little teary-eyed.

-I can't watch this.-Roll it!

Well, I think my dad is my hero

because he's someonethat I look up to every day,

and, uh...

KFC: [ Laughs ]

I can't take it.I can't take this dude.

You guysare such suckers.

This is a [bleep]viral commercial.

This is coming outafter the Super Bowl,

him and his dad,

and it's gonna be a whole thing,a whole campaign. all over this.

This is a commercial.This is a commercial.

I can't stand his dad.

I can't stand his face,his big, white, toothy mouth,

his kids, his wife.

I hate him.I hate that he wins.

I'm going to chop Tom Brady'shead off with an axe

'cause I want himout of my life!

I can't live with it anymore!I want him dead!

I want to kill Tom Brady!I want to chop his head off!

I freaking love it.

You are a loser Jets fan.You're a loser human.

You're a Bears fan.You're a loser.

He's the best quarterback.Watch the Brady --

He's crying.He's an emotional guy.

He's a little bitof a weird guy.

He's such a little bitchwith the crying and the dad!

"My dad, my hero."Shut up!

When Brady and his dadand Brady's son

go to Disney Worldafter the Super Bowl

and they play thatas a commercial

for Gatoradeor Under Armour,

then you're gonna realizehow stupid you were.

He's the best quarterbackof all time.

He doesn't drink coffee.He eats healthy candy.

If he wants to cry there,he can.