Behind the Scenes - Roast Battle - Meet the Comics of Night Two - Uncensored

Roast Battle - Night Two - Uncensored Season 1, Ep 3 07/29/2016 Views: 1,876

Before they enter the competition, Ms. Pat, Matthew Broussard, Ralphie May and the other contestants reveal how they prepared for the burns and discuss their dream opponents. (2:05)

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- I'm a comic, I'm a born loser.


I lost a comedy show in prime time.

You think I give a (bleep) about losing the roast battle.

At least if I lose tonight, I lose to somebody

(bleep) funny for a change.

(tense hip hop music)

People go, oh you got it easy with Ms. Pat.

Really (bleep)?

You take her on.

- Sure, he's gonna call me fat and I'm missing a nipple

cause I lost it in a drive by.

- I expect him to go after the fact that I look

like an 80s villain and I look like really white privilege.

- The obvious joke that I expect my opponent to make

about me is all of them.

I look disgusting.

I smell, my hands are sweaty.

- I'm Canadian.

Really not sure legally if I'm allowed to make fun

of a crippled child right now.

- He's like so nice.

That's kinda what scared me about battling him is like,

oh I can't be too meanto him cause then people

are just gonna think I'm an (bleep).

- I'll go after anything.

Unfortunately, this opponent that I'm taking on

in round one is so incredibly boring.

- I'm gonna go after your aborted kid, your dead mom,

you gay dad, whatever it takes.

- I think a good roast joke is honesty and timing.

- It's nice to have a good harsh joke with a great twist.

- A good roast joke is one that you don't see coming.

- Quick, mean, and clever.

- There's a fine line between going dark

and being too mean.

- Funny first, mean second.

You can put mean into funny, you can't put funny into mean.

(tense instrumental music)

- If I could roast anyone it would be Newton.

Issac Newton.

Aspergers, died a virgin.

I mean, it's just easy.

- It'd be Hitler.

He had so many followers.

- Joan Rivers.

I would love to be able to roast her

just for the opportunity to have her give it back.

- What an honor it would be to roast Jesus Christ.

- Jesus.

I think he'd be a good sport.

- It's got to be Jesus.

He's the biggest name.

Boo hoo hoo, they crucified me.

Hey, I've done two weeksin Cleveland before.

I get it.