Taking Him In

New Guy Season 1, Ep 6 04/18/2007 Views: 23,106

Kenny takes Ben out to hear some music, but a detective puts a damper on the evening's festivities. (2:03)

Like a drummer boy.

You don't needa gimmick like that.

You got the goods.Oh, man, I think

I'm up next, man.

Ben Skoal?

What are you doing here?

Excuse me. Can I help you?

You're on a C-1.You know what that means?

This is the last place on earthyou should be.

It was myidea though.

I tricked himinto bringing me here.

He has nothingto do with this.

This guy is the biggestcon artist you'll ever meet.

Yeah, I happen to know thatabout him, okay?

I'm with the Bureau of Prisons.

Oh, really?Who are you?

I'm Detective Joe Whitehead.

Who are you?

Kenny Carlisle.

Oh, Kenny.What's your job, Kenny?

I'm with the Bureau of Prisons.

I'm a... a house supervisorfor a halfway house.

Is that like a nanny?Dorm mother?

This is in directviolation

to everything thatthe penal code stands for.

You know what a C-1 is?I mean... Yeah.

You know whata C-1 means?Yes.

Apparently you don't.

You are in a world of doo-doo,Kenny.

I'm going totake him in.

I might have to take you in.

Oh...All right.

Get the cuffs off.

If I take the cuffs off,

do you think you justcould be cool about this?

I'll see what I can do.

Take him in.

I wasn't even here.I'll see.

All you gotto do is just

decide to be cool.

Produce your stuff,and I'll be cool.

Hey, you...There we go.

(both laughing)

Oh, Sandy!Oh, baby!

Let's go.

Here we go.Let's go.

Oh, Kenny, listen.

Your music is...is horse(bleep).

Ben? Ben!

Nice ride, Chief. Yeah!

MC:Next up is Kenny Carisle.

Kenny? Kenny,you out there, Kenny?Ben...!

Oh, Sandy, thanksfor bailing me out, buddy.

I couldn't have heardthat song one more time.