Josh Sharp - Nasty on the Subway

Comics to Watch 2016 11/12/2016 Views: 1,311

Josh Sharp witnesses a painfully ironic display of homophobia on the subway. (1:22)

At one point, I was on a subway

here in this fair, piss city,

and it was at a time when thegay men's health crisis center

was running a lovely ad campaign

wherein they had these posters

that had two handsome Latinoactors holding hands

and the text said, "I gettested for my boo."

And I was sitting underneaththis ad,

which is not the rules on wheregay people have to sit,

it's just how the seat mathworked that day.

And I'm there and this womanand her daughter come on

and they sit across from me andthe girl looks at the poster

and the little girl says,"Those boys are holding hands.


I know, and then her mom says,"Yeah, they are nasty."

I know, and then she goes backto eating chicken wings

on a subway train!(laughter)

I was like, "Lady, you arenasty."


You are dipping chicken intoranch

on a local train that makes allstops, you are nasty.


And I know you don't eat thecelery, I got your number.


But she's not wrong, I'm nasty.


In this instance, she wasright, you know?

Broken clock is right two timesa day

when it says I'm nasty.