Maronzio Vance - Explaining Politics

Maronzio Vance Season 1, Ep 8 06/01/2012 Views: 4,370

When people complain about American politics, Maronzio Vance reminds them to remember who was in charge before President Obama. (1:42)

why the economy's bad.

Now, I'm not a political person,

but I have a lot of friendswho do not follow politics.

And one of my good friends,he called me

a couple of weeks ago.He was angry, justifiable.

I understand why he's angry.

But he's taking it outon the wrong person.

He calls me, he's, like,"Don't say hello.

"'Hey, how you doing?' Nothing.

"Where the change,Maronzio, huh?

"Where's the change?

"Where's this changewe voted for, huh?

"When is it gonna get better?

"Where's this change weso-called supposed to have?

When is this change coming,Maronzio?"

And I was, like,"Calm down, bitch.

"You didn't even vote.

"You a felon. You're not evenallowed down there.

What are you talking about?"

And I explained to himlike I explain to anybody

who don't follow politics.

Now, you got to rememberwho took over, you know,

got to remember who was incharge before Obama took over.

Now I'm not throwing shotsat anybody,

but the proof is in the pudding.

Bush ran this country beforeObama took over, right?

Now, I explain to my friends,

you got to look at thepresidency like a car.

Every four years they passthis car down to somebody.

And Bush had this carfor eight years.

And for eight years, he didn'tdo (bleep) to this car.

He didn't rotate the tires.He didn't change the oil.

I don't even thinkthis country was registered.

He just drove itinto the ground

and threw the keys to Obama,went, like, "Good luck, (bleep)"

and kept if moving.

And Obama got to drive thiscountry to work every day

with the "check engine"light on.