Panel - More Email Woes for Hillary Clinton

August 11, 2016 - Ana Marie Cox 08/11/2016 Views: 1,432

Ana Marie Cox, Ricky Velez and Rory Albanese discuss the implications of Hillary Clinton's email scandal and weigh her perceived shortcomings against those of Donald Trump. (7:09)

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Nightly Show contributorRory Albanese.

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And she's the seniorpolitical correspondent

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-Man, what a crowd.-VELEZ: It was at that.

What a crowd tonight. I know.

All right, another batch

of e-mailsinvolving, um, Hillary Clinton,

surfaced this week raisingquestions about the relationship

between the Clinton Foundationand the State Department

while Clinton wasSecretary of State.

Okay, please tell me.

Is this much ado about thesame thing, or-- I don't know--

are these e-mails really goingto be a problem?

Oh, well, I mean,they may be a problem,

-but it is much ado aboutthe same thing. Uh... -Mm-hmm.

WILMORE: Which is much adoabout something,

or much ado about nothing?

'Cause we can't figurethis (bleep) out.

Well, the problem is...the problem is

that not only is it much adoabout the same thing,

but it is the same thing

that's been going onfor over 200 years.

I mean, this kind ofso-called corruption.

ALBANESE:We have not had e-mail

-for 200 years.-Well, that's right.

I'm sorry. I don't mean

-to fact-check you so quickly,-Touché, but you know, like,

James Madison's private,like, parchment paper.

-WILMORE: Right. Yeah.-You know.

-ALBANESE: Yes, yes, yes,of course. -If he was doing...

WILMORE:Oh, I got a response

-from Caesar. -Yeah.-It's pretty real so...

-Don't hit "reply."-No, the point is, like,

this kind of corruption iscompletely, like...

And I guess, I mean, I will usethe word corruption...

-Political favoring you'retalking. -Political favoring...

-Yes. somethingthat the founders expected.

-Mm.-It is something

that they sort of built into,you know, the program.

-Mm-hmm. -I've been saying Iwish this was the most important

-topic for usto be talking about. -Right.

Like, I would loveto have an election

in which who is themost corrupt was the most...

-was the only thing we weretalking about, right? -Mm-hmm.

Like, to judge one person'scorruptions over another.

-Right. -I would loveto have an election

where one person wasn't corrupt.

Who's corrupt, and who's justbat (bleep) crazy?

Right. Well, see, but, so,what I'm saying, like...

-I think we know. thefounders expected favor trading.

-Mm-hmm.-They didn't expect, you know,

-a psychopathic narcissist.-Mm-hmm.

Like, they didn't...

You know, democracy is builtto handle a lot of things,

-but not Donald Trump.-Does his insanity...?

-(laughter)-Yes, I just said it, right.

Does it make it seemlike this is nothing, then?

I mean, does it make...?

I think... it's not...

-It's not that it's nothing.Like, I mean... -Mm-hmm.

I think we need to holdHillary Clinton accountable.

I think that she tends to havea rightward drift personally.

-Mm-hmm. -And that she tendsto sort of have her...

uh, centrist accommodatingmentality to things.

And we've seen thatthroughout her career.

But she needs to be watched.She does.

But she's also capable...

-WILMORE: Well, not...-VELEZ: She needs

to stop writing e-mails.

That is whatshe needs to start doing.

-(laughter) -That's a goodpoint. -That's a point.

-She... she needs...-Just get a...

(applause and cheering)

WILMORE:Go off line?

She needs to cut off online.

She needs, like,carrier pigeons,

or, like, that ravenfrom The Game of Thrones.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm. -(laughter)-Yes! That'd be sick.

No, that'd be sick.

It was like, you know,"Madame President,

-the raven has arrived."And they're like... -(laughter)

Um, I think, I agree, though,'cause it feels like

we're both...

It's like we're picking betweentwo turds, so it's, like,

which turd is less corrupt?Because to me...

COX: And one turd is, like,carrying cholera.

ALBANESE:Yeah, because, no, I could...

Like, one turd is,like, massive...

-ALBANESE: Yeah, 'cause I...-WILMORE: Oh, God.

ALBANESE: No, I keep lookingat it like this.

-I... honestly.-This is horrible.

I look at this election likethis, which is like

we're being presented with liketwo ways to die,

and one is light yourselfon fire-- Donald Trump--

and the otheris sleeping pills.

And you're like,I'll go with sleeping pills.

-You know what I mean?- COX: Well, I mean....

No, because that way my facewon't melt.

I don't want my face to melt,you know?

-I just want to like, notwake up. -COX: I understand

the whole like, this is thelesser of two evils thing,

but then, this is actually a,uh...

I'd put it morein the context of,

this is a kind of problem

that democracy knowshow to handle,

-WILMORE: Yeah. -which is inthe case of Clinton.

-WILMORE: Right.-And this is a person

who does not knowhow to handle democracy.

-This is a person who...-VELEZ: Nice.

-I like how you did that.-ALBANESE: Yeah.


-I've been think being it.-Yeah.

-That's a very good distinction.-Yeah.

Uh, why-why does it seemlike the Clintons

keep having this issue, though?

-VELEZ: Because they lie.-This particular issue.

They lie, man.

I started a drinking game--every time a Clinton lies...

I drink.

-I've been (bleep) up, man.-(laughing)

- I'm been wasted.-(applause)

I'm wasted.

No, they are... they do feellike corrupt people.

They... they feel corrupt,

but, like, you know...but there's a part of that

that makes you go well,we've had some, you know,

some pretty corrupt peoplerun the country,

and if Hillary is the mostcorrupt,

she may be the best presidentever, you know what I mean?

That could... that's her chance.

She gets that cho... and there'salso a thing

about this reaction to Trumpwhere they say, like,

people want to, like,shake up the system,

and it's like, yeah,there's definitely issues

with the system,but the infrastructure

of this country is pretty good.

Like, when we poop, it just goesaway, you know what I mean?

-That's true.-Like, no, and, like,

a lot of countries,when they poop,

they just like... it's in thekitchen, you know?

What are you going to do?

But here, it just, I don't know.

I don't know where it goes.

This sounds like the start of athird party candidacy right now.

"Vote for Rory--your poop will go away."

Yeah. Well... no.

Will continue to go away.

COX:That's right.


Well, no, there is a lot, I meana lot of what you are saying,

I-I understand where, um,

corruption is intrinsicallyin the system

and has been in there.

It's part of what politics is.

A lot of people--I think a lot of people,

when they ask forestablishment change,

they just don't want to seewhat's in the hot dog

that they're eating and thatthey're currently enjoying.

We actually... we know exactlywhat's in Hillary's hot dog.



-That's what he said?-I-I don't know.

-I-I-I'm new at this.-I kind of forgot who said it.

No, there's a Bill Clinton jokethere, but let's not...

Yeah, you guys are the pros--I don't want to...

But it is true that meansshe is the devil we know.

And she's also, like,that's true

of almost everyother politician.

-Do you think she is a devil,though? -No.

I have I to push back againstthat, 'cause...

I think she made a dealwith him.

Well, that's possible.

That's possible,that's possible.

And sometimes you need to do

some jobs for him along the way,you know?

WILMORE:That's true.

That's possible.You're right.

But I think there isa perception problem

with Hillary, definitely,

and I wanted to give youan example.

Chris Shays, I think,an ex-congressman,

this is what he saidabout Hillary Clinton,

and he's a Republican.

Let's just play that real quick.

But I remember when I workedwith her when she was a senator.

She was a pleasure to work with.

She was gracious.

She was smart.

She did her homework.

'Cause you're not runningfor office you can say this.

But this is someonewho's worked with Hillary,

has this experience.

She's smart. She's great.But then...

I think most-most Republicansusually run against her

saying she's part of the system.

She knows the system.

She manipulates the system,which is actually--

Yeah, but that's like sayingthis surgeon has done surgery.

Exactly. Exactly.

(cheers and applause)

He stitched up people,he...


-It doesn't make sense, right?-(cheering)

-That's how a lot of people die.-I want a surgeon that's never

performed surgery working on me.

That describes the RepublicanParty health-care plan, right.

-So...-WILMORE: Yeah.

She's going to be our president.

We're there.

Like I mean-- she's... whoo.


Get over it.

She's winning all the states.

She has all the mon...

-It's the (bleep) we've beenhanded. -WILMORE: Yeah.

And it's staying in the kitchen.

But our poop is going away,but our poop is going away.

I think there is a lot of poopin this country

that's staying rightwhere it is.

We'll be right back.

I have no idea what that means.

I have I no ideawhat that means.

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