Roy Wood Jr. - No Patriotic Songs

Roy Wood Jr.: Father Figure Season 1, Ep 1 02/19/2017 Views: 2,122

Roy Wood Jr. reveals out why black people sing about specific cities instead of singing about America. (1:44)

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You wanna knowwhat black folks feeling?

Just listen to their music.

Our music tell youeverything that's going on

in the black psyche.

It's a beautiful...telegram.


And nowhere in the historyof black music

is therea hit patriotic song.

That ain't what we do.

I mean, we'll cover a song,but, like,

we don't writeno original patriotic songs.

Black artists ain't never--

'Cause we got a conflictedrelationship with the country.

You can't writeno honest patriotic song.

You gotta leave thatto white artists.

They done had a good time.

You had a good timein America,

you damn right you should bewriting a patriotic--

♪ And I'm proud to bean American ♪

♪ Where at leastI know I'm free ♪

(cheers and laughter)

They be serious.

You couldn't possibly expectthat level of patriotism

from a race of people that havehad so many issues, you can't.

It's not realistic.Black people don't--

We don't sing about America.

We singabout specific cities

where you can havea good-ass time.

That's what we do.

We don't talk aboutthe country.

We can tell youwhere the party at, though.

We can do that.

Look, I can't tell younothing about America,

but let me tell you aboutthe city where the heat is on

all night on the beach'til the early morn.

Welcome to Miami,that's where you got to go.

You ever been to California?

Oh, my God, boy, you got togo down to California, boy.

Boy, California knowshow to party.

The city of L.A.,the city of good ol' Watts

and the city of Compton.

They keep it rockin'.

Write that shit down,I'm trying to tell you.

They keep it rockin'.