Cleto Rodriguez - Fancy Wedding

Zhivago Blea, Cleto Rodriguez & Edwin San Juan Season 1, Ep 5 11/03/2011 Views: 7,767

Cleto Rodriguez learns that he can't take his wife to a wedding that was better than their wedding. (0:41)

an eating disorder

just 'cause the other dayI got the ex-lax

and started complaining'cause they didn't have almonds.

Is that bad?

She had me join a fitness gym

'cause I was one nacho awayfrom being a mariachi.

And, uh...

But we did--my wife and I just celebrated

our 11-year wedding anniversary.

We're very excited. Thank you.

Praise God.

(cheering and applause)

You learn a lotabout your spouse

in the first year of marriage.

Like, I found outI cannot take my wife

to a weddingthat was better than ours.

Oh, man, we went to thisreal nice, fancy wedding.

They had stuff like food.