Jeff Dunham - Walter Dated Mary Poppins

Jeff Dunham: All Over the Map Season 1, Ep 1 11/16/2014 Views: 13,878

While in England, Walter discusses a torrid affair from his past with Jeff Dunham. (0:47)

-It took place in London.

-Oh yeah, OK.


You know, I datedher for a while.

-You dated Mary Poppins?

-Yes, I did.


-Yeah, I did.

We were very young.

-Oh really?

-I was the first guy to getinto her chim chim cher-ee.


Kinda ruined things whenin the moment of passion

she started screamingsome weird word.

It was like superCalifornia refrigerator

x the delicious lotion.

Something like that.

-Uh, I love this countrybecause just about everything