Karen Rontowski - Lazy Americans

Season 1, Ep 0105 08/10/2006 Views: 3,303

It's not that we Americans are lazy -- we just like to sit. (1:09)

This is such a great country.

And I know it's great, 'causeI was just recently in Japan.

And did you know the Japanese,

they thinkthat Americans are lazy.

But don't you guys get upset.

'Cause I went right over there,

I straightenedthat whole damn country out.

I did, I told them,

"Look, Americans,we are not lazy.

We just like to sit."

And I'm right, think about it.

We have chairs in every roomof our house except the bedroom.

We're tired of sitting,we're gonna lay down.

The car, the train,the airplane--

all American inventions,all moving chairs.

Now, when you're a little kid,

the first game you learn:musical chairs.

This shows you the importanceof finding a seat.

And when we give someonethe death penalty,

we give him the...electric chair.

We're gonna kill you.

Have a seat.

In fact, we get very nervous

when people arejust standing around.

It's against the law;it's called loitering.

'Cause we have no understandingwhy people would be in an area

where there are no chairs.

And that's why

a standing ovation isso important in this country.

'Cause if you can get

that big, fat, American assout of its seat...

Thank you.

Thank you very much.