Jake Johannsen - Hot Dogs

Feldman, Kelley, DeLaria Season 2, Ep 4 05/23/1993 Views: 2,108

Hot dog street vendors do not use fresh rain water. (1:38)

You know I like ithere in New York, too.

The best thing aboutNew York is in the rain

it makes its own gravy.

And that is--


By the way, I just want-- I justwant to point out that is not

the same gravy that youget at those hot dog

wagons on the street.

Those guys do not usea fresh rainwater.

Um, man, would youever eat a hot dog

from one of thoseguys on the street?

I mean hot dogs--



OK, hot dogs arescary enough, I think.

But-- you got to be a specialkind of hungry to put something

in your mouth that youget from a stranger

on the streets ofManhattan, you know?

Especially around TimesSquare, if you now what I mean.

But-- and whatever you do,don't look at their hands.

That's really the worst part.

They're always thatkind of-- they're

that kind of dirtythat you can only

get from working on an engine.

You know, and theyalways-- (GRUFF VOICE)

don't worry I got a verylight touch on the dogs.

And then you start to wonder,if you're worried about what

is coming off theirhands onto the hot dogs,

or maybe it's there's somethingcoming off of the hot dogs

onto their hands thatmakes them that dirty.

(GRUFF VOICE) I've beenworking on these filthy

dogs for 30 years.

Nothing gets out thestink of the dogs.

One guy I saw was puttingon a little sanitary show.

You know, he hadthose rubber gloves

like you get at the gasstation-- those plastic ones.

But then you wearthose long enough,

then they get kind of creepy.

And he has to wash them offin that pail of soapy liquid--

looks like runofffrom a car wash.

Squinchy, squinchy, squinchy.

TV (GRUFF VOICE) Who wantsa squeaky clean hot one?