Four-Handed Massage

Unpleasant Truths Season 1, Ep 7 06/11/2013 Views: 23,789

During a peaceful spa visit, Amy finds that her massage therapists' creepy vibe is anything but relaxing. (2:48)

Yeah, I'm drinking cucumberwater right now.

I can't believe you got mea four-handed massage.

Like, I've nevereven heard of that.

That's-- that's waymore expensive

than anything I wouldget you, trust me.

I have to go, there'slike two creepies here.


Do you guys need meto clear out of here?

Are you Amy?Yeah.

You have a four-handedmassage, yes?

We're your therapists.

I'm Noel.I'm Gunth.

( both )Namaste.

Would you excuseme, just...

One minute?

Hi, I'm--I'm sorry.

Do you have any femaletherapists available?

I think I just assumedthey'd be women.

No women today.

All of our ladytherapists

are home withperiod cramps.

They synchronizetheir cycles.

But you're infor a real treat.

Before we getstarted,

are there any injureswe should know about?

No, nothing I canthink of.

You have no problemswith your shoulders,

tummy, booty...No.

Elbows, ankles,ta-ta's?

None ofthose things.

Everything's okay.

We'll just give youa moment to disrobe.

How much shouldI take off?


We wanna touchall of your skin.

( quietly )All, my skin...

We'll be backin just a minute.


( knocking )

Are you naked yet?No.

Wonderful,we're coming in.Jesus!


Nice what?

I was talkingto Gunth.

He's doinga wonderful job.

Are you tight?

You seemreally tight.

Are you feeling tight?

Okay, are you talking tome or each other right now?

( chuckling )


Now we're gonna jamon your lower body.


Her legs areexactly the same.

Okay, what areyou talking about?

Your legs.


They're the exactsame as our niece's.

Okay, I'm reallyhaving trouble relaxing.

Would you guys mindjust not talking?

Maybe like justputting on some music?

Of course...we're sorry.

( chanting )Omm...

Guys, guys...

Guys, I know that'sjust you singing.

We're not singing.

We're not.

( chanting stops )

Oh, sorry.

Take anotherdeep breath.

Okay, you have a severeknot in this muffin top

and we're gonnawork it out.

Okay, how many handsare on me right now?